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From Bullseye with Jesse Thorn from NPR:
Think of a song you know by heart. A song that’s been in your life for such a long time, you don’t even remember when you first heard it. Maybe it was in your favorite movie as a kid.

Bobby Lopez writes those kind of songs. He’s a composer for musicals and movies, and co-created the hit Broadway shows The Book of Mormon and Avenue Q. Most recently, he’s teamed up with his wife Kristen Anderson-Lopez to write for Disney’s Frozen. The pair’s songs have inspired movie singalongs and a score of YouTube covers, and their breakout hit Let It Go, is nominated for an Oscar.

This week, Bobby shares the song that changed his life: the inspiring and magical Pure Imagination, from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

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The umbrella only stops the rain, not the storm. 

Original Photo (By Sr. X): Escampa

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Very cool.

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Pretty smart campaign by Urbanite…

Ear love is a sensation that is difficult to put into words. Visit for a chance to win a free pair of Urbanites.

Following the @nerdist podcast w/ @the_hives, I quoraed “Does @HerbieHancock have a butler?” I finally got an asnwer!

Answer by George Whitty:

LOL, no, Herbie does not have a butler.  He does have a very nice lady who works for him who makes an excellent ham sandwich.  One thing Herbie does have is some very cool cars, including an original AC Cobra and a Ferrari, but his preferred ride around LA is his Smart Car.
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I believe in #OneNationOneTeam. Tell the world that you do too! Let’s go #TeamUSA! #USAvGHA


For you crazy kids that are still up… a gift. Or is that GIFt?
(thanks to Will Glover for the idea!)


For you crazy kids that are still up… a gift. Or is that GIFt?

(thanks to Will Glover for the idea!)